New Citroën ë-Berlingo introduced!


New Citroën ë-Berlingo stands out as the ideal companion for users who lead an active life. Incorporating Berlingo’s superior practicality and versatility, ë-Berlingo offers a quiet and comfortable journey with its electromotor, while at the same time offering an emission-free drive.

While the electric version of Berlingo offers an electric driving range of up to 280 km (WLTP norm), it continues to incorporate all the familiar functionality of Berlingo without compromising any of the requirements of its class, including a spacious interior, modularity and practicality.

The ë-Berlingo offers a seating capacity of up to seven people with two different body lengths, while at the same time retaining Berlingo-specific features such as spacious interior, three independent rear seats, the Modtop Ceiling® multifunction roof liner and the opening rear window. While the elevated display screen makes life easier for the driver, the new 10-inch high-resolution digital display conveys all information to the driver and passengers.

A Calm and Fluent Drive in Electric Mode

Working in an extremely quiet and vibration-free way, the electromotor accelerates the car smoothly without gear shifts and with the high torque value it offers from the first moment of movement. Citroën ë-Berlingo also offers a comfortable and practical ride with its high seating position, soft steering wheel and 10.8 meters turning circle.

The electromotor operates depending on the selected driving mode and driving conditions. With a maximum power of 100 kW (136 HP) and a torque generation of 260 Nm from the first movement, the ë-Berlingo can reach a maximum speed of 135 km / h depending on the driving mode selected. Driving modes can be selected via the ë-Toggle control panel.

There are three different driving modes in total. Normal mode, which produces 80 kW / 210 Nm, offers an ideal balance of performance and range for daily use. Producing 60 kW / 180 Nm, Eco mode extends the range and offers a quiet smooth ride by reducing the power and limiting the power and torque production of the engine without turning off the heating and air conditioning system. The Performance mode, which produces 100 kW / 260 Nm, increases the performance by maximizing the power of the engine to carry heavy loads, for example.

Long Range For Freedom Of Movement

Not only does it offer features specific to vehicles for active lifestyles, such as functionality, ease of use or large interior volume, ë-Berlingo provides free access to restricted city centers with its zero-emission structure, and offers a long electric driving range to meet the needs of different users. With its 50 kWh lithium-ion battery, ë-Berlingo offers an electric driving range of up to 280 km, depending on driving conditions. Incorporating the latest electric vehicle technology, ë-Berlingo offers the same electromotor and battery type in both body types.

The electric powertrain optimizes the range by providing energy recovery during deceleration and braking. The user simply activates the ‘B’ button in the center console to optimize energy recovery. The batteries integrated under the seats and the vehicle floor do not affect the usage area of ​​the cabin. The batteries meet the energy needs of the electric motor, heating and air conditioning systems.

The battery charge level is shown on the instrument panel in the form of a percentage and also by a leveled light panel. The batteries offer a long lifetime with a warranty of eight years or 160,000 km (with 70% battery capacity at the end of this warranty period). A battery capacity certificate is issued after a year or 20,000 km, and then maintenance performed every two years or 40,000 km.

Easy Charging And Controlled Costs

Three different solutions are offered to meet the charging needs of ë-Berlingo. A Green’Up socket charges most of the battery overnight, making it ready for daily use.

Mode 2 cable is activated for use at home, workplace or parking lot. This charging mode is compatible with a standard 8A socket or an advanced 16A socket (Green’Up unit and socket) and fully charges the battery in less than 15 hours.

Individual or public fast charging requires installation of a 3.7 to 22 kW Wallbox fast charger and an optionally available Mode 3 cable. Thus, 7 hours 30 minutes (single phase 7.4 kW Wall Box) or 5 hours (three phase 11 kW Wall Box) is sufficient to charge from 0% to 100%.

Super fast charging at a public station is up to 100 kW with a Mode 4 cable integrated into the charger. This solution enables a 50 kWh battery to reach 80% charge in 30 minutes. The ë-Berlingo stands out as the best in its segment in the market in terms of fast charging time.

Active lifestyle vehicles are practical, but they are not aerodynamically efficient due to their body type. Switching to electricity is an extremely important issue in this segment in terms of reducing environmental impact and usage costs, and stands out as an important criterion for users with limited budgets. Since there are no maintenance requirements such as oil, air filter, fuel filter or transmission oil filter, maintenance costs are 30% more affordable compared to an internal combustion engine. With an average energy consumption of 18 kWh per 100 km, ë-Berlingo makes the user smile not only with its maintenance cost but also with its usage cost.

ë-Berlingo offers the ability to schedule the charging process to an advanced time or date. Thus, the user can set the charging time for hours when electricity is more convenient. In addition, while the vehicle is charging, the cabin can be heated by pre-conditioning the cabin. Thus, the energy of the battery can be saved.

Useful Services for Electric Life

The user can remotely access the battery’s charge level and range information via a smartphone or tablet via the My Citroën app. Again, through the My Citroën application, operations such as cabin pre-conditioning adjustment or charging time adjustment can be made. All this information and settings are also accessible via the linked navigation screen in the center console.

To support its customers, Citroën offers ë-Berlingo’s charging solutions, including equipment (standard or powerful Green’Up socket or Wallbox) and installation at home or at work. The proposed partners for each European country have been selected.

Choice of Energy and Unique Character

The Citroën ë-Berlingo visually stands out from the internal combustion engine versions with a number of exterior design details, signaling that it is an electric vehicle. The front grille, which houses the new brand logo, features a ‘ë’ logo in front of the Berlingo name on the tailgate, and ‘Anodized Blue’ accents on the bumpers and Airbumps® applications on the sides. The cover of the charging socket is located in the same place as the fuel tank cover on the internal combustion version.

The interior of New Citroën ë-Berlingo has also been shaped to make it easy to use. The center console houses the ë-Toggle gear selector exclusive to ë-Berlingo. From here, the user can select the Eco, Normal and Performance driving modes as well as the Park, Reverse, Empty, Drive and Brake functions.

The 8-inch touchscreen of ë-Berlingo includes an ‘Energy’ menu specific to the electric vehicle. The menu in question; Energy flow including active driving mode, electric motor and battery charge level and real-time electric power-transmission system flow, consumption statistics and data including average consumption per trip in kWh / 100 km, and charging time setting or cabin pre-conditioning setting showing information. There is also a 10 inch high resolution screen available depending on the hardware level.

Drivers can customize the digital display screen, navigation system, energy flow information or driving support systems according to their needs.

Berlingo: Part of the Family, Easy to Live

ë-Berlingo embodies all the qualities and innovations that are the keys to long-term success in its segment. As part of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® program, emphasis is placed on spaciousness, modularity and light, giving five or seven passengers a unique experience in the vehicle.

Two Different Body Types, Small and Large, Are Offered

The new Citroën ë-Berlingo, which has the same architectural and basic features as the internal combustion version, offers superior maneuverability with its compact dimensions and a comfortable and spacious interior for up to seven people.

ë-Berlingo is produced with different body types. The short M version is 4.40 meters and the long XL version is 4.75 meters long. The difference in length of 35 cm is caused by both the increase in wheelbase and the rear extension. Thanks to the ceiling height of less than 1.90 meters depending on the version, ë-Berlingo can enter all parking lots.

Optimized Usage Space

Users need a spacious interior or a large loading area, whether it is for work, to transport things, or a trip with family or friends. Just like Berlingo, the new Citroën ë-Berlingo meets all these requirements with a spacious and useful interior.

Easy Rack Access

With features such as two large sliding side doors with power windows, a large tailgate to load and unload heavy and bulky objects, and a rear window that opens independently of the tailgate, which makes life easier when the tailgate cannot be opened, ë-Berlingo offers easy access and practical use.

Wide Internal Volume

ë-Berlingo offers the driver and accompanying passengers the largest living space in the segment. With a volume of up to 4,000 liters and a loading length of 3.05 m, the XL version offers a large volume or up to 2,126 liters of luggage space with a large legroom.


ë-Berlingo offers an extremely flexible and useful structure like a modular furniture. Thanks to the functional and flexible structure offered in the cabin, it can carry five or seven passengers depending on the version, or it can turn into a large cargo area for storing heavy and bulky objects.

The second row includes three independent seats, each of the same size and offering passengers 156mm of legroom. Designed to adapt to usage requirements, the seats can be either self-contained or folded down to create a completely flat loading floor.

By folding down the front passenger seat, a loading length of 2.7 meters in the M body type and 3.05 meters in the XL body style and a completely flat loading floor is obtained.

The third row of seats has two removable independent seats. Thanks to the slides offered in the XL version, the seats in the third row can be moved back and forth by 130 mm, allowing more space for passengers or luggage, depending on the intended use.

The storage rack in the trunk can be adjusted at two different heights, medium or high, offering a solution to compartment the luggage. The storage rack, which can carry items up to 25 kg, can also be accessed through the rear window that opens independently of the tailgate. When not needed, the storage rack can be lifted behind the backrests of the second row seats, depending on the version.

Storage Areas

The ë-Berlingo offers 167 liters of storage space and a large trunk. The trunk volume is 775 liters in the M body type and 1,050 liters in the XL body type (five-seat configuration). Storage areas offer ease of use and functionality to prevent the confusion that small items may cause in the cabin.

Modtop Tavan® is also offered, except for 26 storage spaces of 92 liters. The roof rack, which can be accessed through the rear window that opens independently of the second row seats and the tailgate, offers a volume of 60 liters and can carry objects up to 10 kg. The shelf system that extends along the ceiling includes a partitioned translucent arch that perfectly combines with the form of the roof and makes life easier with its transparent surface that allows passengers to see what is in which compartment.

Luminous Cabin

Citroën ë-Berlingo really offers a bright and spacious living space. The combination of 6,40 m2 of large glass areas, the front glass and glass ceiling, which are positioned well in front, allows light to easily fill the cabin from different points. The electric sunshade offers the opportunity to screen the glass roof on very hot days. Independent reading lamps for each passenger allow each passenger to create their own luminous space.

Auxiliary Systems for Driving and Maneuvering

ë-Berlingo is equipped with 18 different technologies that support driving comfort and safety and leads its class with this feature. Keyless entry and start, completely new in this segment, with raised display screen, hill start support, front and rear parking sensors with side guard support, Top Rear Vision reversing camera, smart headlights, electric handbrake, cruise control and speed limiting system and convenient Equipment such as Park Assist, which automatically detects the parking space and maneuvering to park the vehicle, significantly facilitates the driver’s life.

Active safety brake, active lane departure warning system, driver distraction warning, distance warning, coffee break warning, trailer coupling stability control, Grip Control with slope descent assist, traffic sign identification and suggestion system and blind spot monitoring system. supports security.

Connected Services

New Citroën ë-Berlingo offers three different connectivity solutions for greater safety and comfort. Part of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® program, these solutions facilitate and speed up access to connected services. The Screen Mirroring feature is compatible with Apple CarPlay ™ and Android Auto, allowing the smartphone screen to be projected onto the vehicle screen. Thus, the user can access the contents of the smartphone and compatible applications on the vehicle screen.

Citroën has been leading the segment of Berlingo since 1996. The brand continues to update its product range by introducing the electric version of Berlingo, which owes its sales success to its spacious and modular cabinet and outstanding storage capacity. Whether it’s for work or a ride with family or friends, the ë-Berlingo has been developed and equipped to meet the daily use needs of different users.

Citroën ë-Berlingo will be available in Europe in the second half of 2021.


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