New Chromebook models will prevent prying eyes


Google is experimenting with human detection for Chromebook models. Accordingly, Chromebook screens will be closed to prying eyes.

Google has started experimenting with an interesting human detection feature for new Chromebook models. It was estimated that the feature, which appeared in the development codes before, was developed for face recognition. However, the latest information revealed that a much more interesting feature is being tested.

Human detection feature for Google Chromebook models

One of the biggest problems for computer users is foreign eyes looking at the screen, especially in public spaces. Against this annoying situation that eliminates privacy, Google will activate an important feature in the new Chromebook models. Accordingly, the Chromebook will detect people looking towards the screen thanks to its human detection feature.

This feature will be activated through the computer’s webcam. Accordingly, the user who activates this feature on the Chromebook will receive a warning when he is being watched. The severity of the warning and the preference of the action taken depend on the user’s choice. Accordingly, an eye icon appears at the top of the screen for a visual warning only.

Chromebook human detection will only be available on the latest models with this newly developed hardware

The user can also choose an audible warning if he wishes. It can also dim the Chromebook screen with its human detection feature. Although the human detection feature protects privacy, it also caused some security concerns. First of all, for this feature, we give the ChromeOS operating system permission to access the webcam.

The camera needs to be on as long as the human detection feature is enabled. As you know, the habit of covering the front of the computer camera is common among laptop users. In particular, users are concerned that their images can be taken over the webcam even if it is not used.

This feature, on the other hand, works by taking images continuously as long as the feature is turned on, let alone the camera is turned off. This may prevent users from using the feature.

Chromebook models will have this feature thanks to the hardware in the video below, developed by Lattice Semiconductor.

What is a Chromebook?

The Chromebook is a platform that Google introduced in 2011 to enable everyone to use a computer. These affordable and low-equipped computers running the ChromeOS operating system have been in great demand, especially in the pandemic.

ChromeOS is an operating system that works very fast in order to run on low hardware compared to Windows and macOS. However, both Chromebook computers and the ChromeOS operating system are developed to perform simple computer functions. In this respect, ChromeOS is a very simple operating system.

How reliable do you think the human detection feature that Google is trying for Chromebook models is? We are waiting your comments.