New Chrome update brings integrated password manager


Launched last Tuesday (19), the new Google Chrome update adds new personal security features and promises safer browsing for users. With Chrome 88, the browser gained an integrated password manager.

The tool allows, for example, to check if there is any “weak password” saved in the manager. As well as, it will indicate which may be compromised based on a feature deployed by Google.

In order to verify the passwords saved in Chrome, the user needs to click on his photo in the upper right corner of the browser. Then, he must click on the key icon to open the configuration screen and, thus, just access the option “Verify Passwords”.

The tool also allows you to manage all saved passwords in one place. In this way, the person can organize and update all user names and codes quickly and easily through the browser configuration.

According to the note published on the Google blog, the new features are being implemented for desktop operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux) and mobile iOS. In addition, they are expected to arrive on Android in the coming weeks.

More news from Chrome 88

In addition to the security features, Chrome 88 brought other important changes to the browser. For example, support for FTP, Adobe Flash and macOS Yosemite have been completely removed from this release.

The Windows 10 dark theme has been improved and now some Chrome pages will automatically appear with the dark scroll bar. This also applies to internal browser pages, such as history and bookmarks.

Finally, users will notice a less intrusive form of pop-ups asking for permissions on the sites. Soon, they will start to be minimized and will appear on the left side of the URL box.


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