New Chrome 89 will consume less memory


Google launched Chrome 89 earlier this month and promises big improvements, such as faster and more responsive. According to the company, the benefits of the new version vary according to the user’s operating system. The update is available for Windows, macOS and Android and there is still no forecast for arrival on iOS.

The search giant explains that the browser will be able to recover up to 100 MB by using the memory of the open tabs more efficiently. MacOS can save up to 8% of memory usage. The improvement in Apple’s operating system will impact the browser’s power consumption by up to 65%, thus keeping the Mac “cooler and the fans quieter”.

On Android and Windows, the browser will also reduce memory usage and increase the response time of tabs. According to information from Google, the Microsoft system is saving up to 22% of memory and the overall responsiveness of the browser has been improved by 9%. On Android, Chrome should use 5% less memory and guarantee less crashes, page loading and startup up to 8% faster. In addition, the company says the update will make the browser easier to use on the phone.


Even though Google Chrome is not your default browser, it is recommended that everyone have the latest version to avoid possible system intrusions. Just go to “Settings” at the top of the browser, access the “About Google Chrome” option and update.


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