New Cheat Uses Artificial Intelligence And Works Even On Consoles


Cheat: It’s law: if a game has a multiplayer component, it’s almost certain that someone will provide cheats capable of offering an advantage to a select group that is willing to have fun illegally. Most of the time, producers are able to drastically reduce or eliminate the use of such software, but a new program can make this task more difficult.

The software in question (which is not being named to hinder its spread) promises to be “impossible” to be detected and, according to the developers, works on any console. The program allows the user to use features such as automatically aiming and shooting at opponents in a system based on artificial intelligence.

The existence of the cheat gained notoriety after a video posted on Twitter by the Anti-Cheat Police Department profile. According to the post, the solution is becoming “increasingly popular” and makes even the “consoles no longer a safe place to enjoy their games in a legitimate way”.

Really powerful

In case you are curious to understand the scope of the program, the MP1ST website obtained the description of the “product”. The new cheat uses “computer vision” to detect enemies, applying Machine Learning techniques to improve results.

“It can be used to capture enemy movements, on-screen texts like the name of the weapon used and a series of options that were not previously possible”, explains the description shared on the website. The program’s developers also promise an update with even more functionalities.

According to the cheat’s developers, a new system will allow “automatically targeting and locking the marker on an opponent”. The cheat will also feature tools to detect weapon characteristics to ensure “perfect recoil” and “more accurate headshots.”


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