New CEO wants Intel back to the top in chip making


In a statement given on Thursday (21), the future CEO of Intel Pat Gelsinger said that the company will regain its place of prominence, resuming the leadership of the chip production market, currently occupied by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC).

To regain “unquestionable leadership in process technology”, the company’s new commander is betting on improvements in manufacturing processes for Intel’s next generation of processors and other improvements in the development of the brand’s products.

“I was very pleased to see some of the long-term innovations emerging (from technology development), as we work to close all gaps with external foundries and also to take a leap forward,” commented the executive.

Current head of VMware, Gelsinger will take office on February 15, replacing CEO Bob Swan, who has been in the role since 2019. He is an old acquaintance of the company, as he worked for 30 years (from 1979 to 2009), having been the architect of the Intel 80486 processor and served as chief technology officer.

Rival could become a partner

Interestingly, TSMC may soon become an Intel partner, in addition to competing with it for leadership in the semiconductor market. In a marked change in its business culture, the North American company is expected to outsource part of the production, starting with the low-end chips for PCs, still in 2021.

And the Taiwanese company is one of the most highly rated to meet this new demand, along with Samsung. With a confirmed investment of US $ 28 billion to expand its factory, TSMC already manufactures chips for Apple, Qualcomm, NVIDIA and AMD.

Despite this, Gelsinger expects Intel to keep most of its production in-house to return to the top, especially with the arrival of 7-nanometer processors, whose launch was postponed to 2023.


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