New Captain America: Wyatt Russell speaks


We finally meet the new Cap of the MCU in the skin of John Walker as part of the current series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

One of the great attractions of the new Marvel Studios series for Disney +, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, was knowing the identity of the new Captain America after the events of Avengers: Endgame, where Steve Rogers gave his shield to Sam Wilson . Now, with the new Capi already presented in the skin of John Walker as part of the current series in the UCM broadcast, his actor, Wyatt Russell (son of actors Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn) has offered an interview with the Entertainment Weekly medium , in which he has delved into his character, explaining the differences with the classic Captain America played by Chris Evans.

This is the new Captain America

Thus, Wyatt Russell himself (an actor that we already saw in films such as Cowboys & Aliens or Overlord or series such as the Playtest episode of Black Mirror, among other works), focusing on the unequal reception that the public has had regarding his new character. And it is that Russell himself assures that while Steve Rogers’ Cap fights for something more than fulfilling the mission, Walker is more pragmatic and works only under the orders of the United States Army, his bosses.

“John is the type of person who says, ‘Look, you want me to do the job? I’ll finish the job for you. ‘ Sometimes that may require things in gray areas in which you don’t feel comfortable, but I do, and I have to be able to do my job, ”says the actor about his character. And is that each version of Captain America comes from a very different time and context, so the way of acting and the mentality of both are very different.

“Who am I in this suit? What does it mean to me? What does it mean to the people who see it? Everyone has this idea of ​​imposter syndrome to some degree, as does even Sam, who at first wasn’t necessarily comfortable being Captain America. He did not feel well. Everyone deals with these things differently. So, it’s a big difference between this guy and Steve, “says Russell.

What will happen to this new Captain America? Will the fate of the U.S. Agent from the comics? We will have to continue watching the new episodes of Falcon and the Winter Soldier to know his outcome and his possible future in the MCU. Taking advantage of the occasion, Marvel Studios has shared a new poster of the series starring the new Captain America by John Walker.


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