New camera features for Galaxy M31 and M21


Samsung released the One UI 2.1 update for the Galaxy M31 earlier this month, but did not add some new camera features such as Single Shot to this update. With the new update M315FXXU2ATIB, the company has released the My Filter feature, which makes it possible to create Single Shot, Night Time Lapse and custom filters, to the Galaxy M31.

Samsung has also distributed the full-fledged One UI 2.1 experience on the Galaxy M21. Update M215FXXU2ATI9 has a size of just over 1.2GB.

Samsung is bringing the September 1 security update to both Galaxy M31 and Galaxy M21. It is stated that some features that users encounter with One UI 2.1 in other Samsung devices are still not available in the M31 and M21. Music Share and Quick Share features are the prominent options in this group.

It is stated that the new updates prepared for the Galaxy M31 and M21 are first distributed in India. It won’t be a surprise to see the update in other regions soon.


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