New Call of Duty game’s beta date has been announced


The beta date has been announced for the new Call of Duty game, which will meet with game lovers in November. According to the announcement made by Activision, PS4 users will benefit from the beta that will start in October one month before the game is released.

Beta date has been announced for the new Call of Duty game

The beta, which will be exclusive to PS4, will begin on October 8 for everyone who pre-orders the game. It will also be available to all PS4 users on October 10-12. The beta, which will be opened to users who order on the PC and Xbbox platform on October 15, will be fully playable on October 17-19.

While the modes to be experienced during beta tests are not announced, according to the information shared on the Charlie Intel site, we will have the opportunity to experience more features than the PS4 alpha tests conducted last week. It was also confirmed by a tweet by Treyarch designer Troy Flame that sniper weapons, which were overpowered in alpha tests, will also be restored in beta.

As the name suggests, the game, which will take place during the Cold War, will also include events that happened. It should also be noted that some of the game will take place in Trabzon.


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