The New Browser to Keep Google Chrome on Android Devices: Vivaldi


The New Browser to Keep Google Chrome on Android Devices: Vivaldi

Unlike iPhone users, Android users can choose from a wider range of internet browsers they want to use on their devices. The last browser added to this range was Vivaldi, which is said to be superior to Google Chrome.

We can say that Google Chrome is sitting in the leadership seat as the internet browser of Android devices. Chrome offers a better user interface compared to other browsers. The user interface for mobile and desktop devices is one of Chrome’s biggest pros, but aside from the user interface, Google Chrome doesn’t have any shortcomings.

Many internet browsers developed for Android have many features, such as blocking adverts and ensuring user privacy. In addition, browsers such as Opera and UC Browser have Night Mode. This makes it easier for the user to surf the Internet at night.

Vivaldi is also involved in the UC Browser and Opera battle with Google Chrome:

Vivaldi recently launched a beta version of its browser via the Google Play Store. The new browser comes with very unusual and exciting features to put aside Google Chrome. Let us examine these features of Vivaldi with a list of 5 items.

1. Vivaldi can synchronize all the data you have:

Vivaldi can synchronize all the data you have, from your passwords to your favorites, from your mobile devices to your desktop devices. In addition, all your data is protected with end-to-end encryption.

2. Vivaldi also has the option of taking notes:

Thanks to the Vivaldi browser developed for Android, you won’t need extra note-taking apps that you downloaded to your phone. The note-taking option added to the Vivaldi browser prevents your Internet enjoyment from being interrupted.

3. With Vivaldi you can take a screenshot:

With the beta version of Vivaldi developed for Android, you will be able to take full screenshots of the web pages or take a picture of any part of the screen. With the option of taking a screenshot inside the browser, you will also be able to view all of the internet pages. In addition, the screen shots you take will be saved directly to Android’s Gallery application.

4. You will be able to browse through the internet tabs that are open at the same time:

Just like Vivaldi’s desktop browser, the browser developed for Android displays web pages that are open at the same time as regularly as possible. With the added tab switching feature, you will be able to spend time between open web pages.

5. Other features Vivaldi has:

Vivaldi’s features include copying internet tabs, reading mode, and hidden tabs. Vivaldi pays great attention to the user’s privacy, and in the hidden tab mode, no data on the Internet history is recorded.

You can share your thoughts on the features of this browser, an alternative to Google Chrome, from comments. You can use the download button below to download the beta of the browser.

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