New Brazilian Wonder Woman to win series on The CW


Producer Greg Berlanti remains firm with his partnership with broadcaster The CW. The creator of Arrowverse is developing a new series for the newly created Brazilian heroine, Yara Flor, the Wonder Girl, or as it has become known, the Brazilian Wonder Woman.

The new project is a partnership between Berlanti Produtions and the showrunner of Queen of the South – starring the Brazilian Alice Braga – Dailyn Rodriguez, who is the daughter of Cuban immigrants.

Rodriguez will also be the scriptwriter for the program that will accompany Yara Flor, a young Brazilian woman with big dreams and who is the daughter of an Amazon Warrior and a Brazilian God of the river. She ends up discovering that she is the Wonder Girl and will use her newfound power to face forces of evil that want to destroy the world.

This will be the first DC series to feature a Latin character as the protagonist. With that, the universe created by The CW increases its diversity and representativeness in its series of superheroes.

The station already has Batwoman, who brought the first homosexual character as the protagonist, in addition to having the Black Lightning series, with the black hero leading the program.

About Brazilian Wonder Woman

The new DC character was created by Joëlle Jones and in the comics will be part of the DC Future State, an event that will take place in 2030 and will show some alternative versions of the classic characters of the publisher.

The new DC Future Slate comics are scheduled to hit newsstands in the United States on January 5th. The series starring Yara Flor is not yet scheduled to debut on TV.


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