New boon for Android developers: Jetpack Compose


Our understanding of design, which has changed over the years, introduced us to material designs in 2015. Material designs pioneered by Google were quickly adopted by mobile applications. Important steps are being taken for developers to adopt simpler and more functional material designs. Jetpack Compose API was included in these steps.

Jetpack Compose released: So what does it do?

There are many toolkits for Android developers to write less and more stable code. These toolsets both save time and allow users to have a better application experience. Jetpack Compose is one of them, if you already have an app and want to redesign your app’s interface according to material design principles, this toolkit will save you time.

This toolkit, which will allow you to make changes to the interface without the need to rewrite the application, has been released in alpha.

Features available in the alpha version are as follows:

Transition animations

Layout editor

A11Y support

Entry and movement arrangements

Converting buttons in old interface to new look

Adding a more detailed list

Material interface components

Window management

Editable post box


These tools are just those available in the alpha version now. With the release of the full version in the near future, we will see many new vehicles.

Using these tools, you can finish tasks that will take weeks in a few days. It seems that Jetpack Compose will accelerate the transition to material design with the tools it provides. You can use this toolkit with Android Studio.


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