New Bitcoin Payment System Introduced at CES 2020


A Taiwan-based Blockchain company unveiled its new Bitcoin payment system at the CES 2020 technology fair in Las Vegas, USA. CES, the world’s largest technology fair held every year and the fair, Google, Apple, Samsung and many giant companies such as new products, technologies are introduced. In recent years, Blockchain-based products have also been introduced to users.

With the new payment system introduced by SecuX, Taiwan-based Blockchain company, the mobile application, payment module and hardware electronic wallet compatible with the system were presented to the users. SecuX plans to become compatible with many online shopping sites with the new highly secure Bitcoin payment system.

SecuX payment system makes payments faster and safer with QR code. While online trading with QR code, the connection to SecuX servers is completed simultaneously and payments are completed.

The new system serves in three steps; The first step includes a mobile application with white label compatible with crypto coins. The second step includes a payment terminal compatible with pos devices and vending machines. The third step is the physical electronic wallet produced in the form of hardware mentioned above.

Below you can see the introduction video of the system developed by SecuX.


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