New Bethesda games will prioritize PC and Xbox


Tim Stuart, Xbox’s chief executive officer, attended a virtual conference on November 12 and made it clear that Bethesda’s next games “will be better on PC and Xbox, or they’ll get there first.” If you don’t remember, Microsoft recently bought Bethesda Softworks.

But he also reassured players on other platforms, saying that “we have no intention of removing the Bethesda content that already exists on the Sony and Nintendo consoles. What we want is that, in the long run, we are your first and / or better experience, and that this content appears at its best in our systems. ”

Phil Spencer himself had already spoken a little about the subject before, implying that future Bethesda releases should indeed be exclusive to PC and Xbox consoles, but negotiations and planning are still in progress as you read this note.

How do you think the future of the producer will be, now in the hands of Microsoft? Looking forward to playing your games over there? Comment below!

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