New battery for electric cars recharges in 5 minutes


StoreDot, an Israeli startup, aims to make charging electric vehicles even better with its new technology: a battery that charges in just 5 minutes. If the company reaches large-scale production, this will represent a major advance for the segment, since the current average load time is around one hour.

This Tuesday (19), StoreDot released samples of the battery, which were produced by Chinese manufacturer EVE Energy. Given the options available on the market, it is worth noting that they are somewhat different. To make the process faster, the startup uses metalloid nanoparticles in the anode cells instead of the usual graphite.

According to the company, this represents a “fundamental advance to overcome the main problems of safety, useful life and swelling”. In the near future, the startup plans to cheapen the technology by replacing germanium with silicon in nanoparticles.

Cell phones, scooters and cars use the battery

The technology was first tested on cell phones and, in December 2019, on scooters. The next step, says the startup, is to use technology in electric cars. In a statement, StoreDot CEO Doron Myresdorf said the technology is evolving “for the first time beyond innovation in the laboratory to a commercially viable and scalable product for mass production”.

According to him, this will make it possible, later this year, to launch a prototype of second generation batteries. If the technology is implemented in the future, there will be a massive reduction in queues at charging stations, as well as the anxiety of drivers about the autonomy of the car (or range anxiety, in English), which is the fear of the battery running out before the final destination. .

160 km in 5 minutes

As released by The Guardian, StoreDot says that in 2025, its batteries will deliver 160 km range in just 5 minutes. To this end, the startup will take advantage of the existing loading infrastructure. While this looks promising, it is not much different from what Tesla already does with its V3 SuperCharger.


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