New Batman Comic In Fortnite: The Foundation; Release Date, Storyline


Batman / Fortnite: The Foundation is the new comic that mixes the worlds of DC Comics and Epic Games. We tell you everything we know including departure date. In October 2021, the comic book collaborations between Batman and Fortnite will continue. On October 26, 2021, Batman / Fortnite: The Foundation will be released, a new single issue previously announced as “Batman / Fortnite: One-Shot.” Just below we tell you all the details of this new comic, and we remind you that, currently, Fortnite Chapter 2 is in Season 8 of the Battle Pass:

Batman / Fortnite: The Foundation; all the details of the new comic

Thanks to the NiteStats Discord, a place where all kinds of Fortnite news and leaks are shared, we have been able to access the following information. The official announcement of Batman / Fortnite: The Foundation would be on October 16, 2021, and the comic’s launch would take place on October 26, 2021. This is the cover:

For now, from what we know both from the name itself and from the cover of it, Batman would face The Foundation, one of the most important characters in the Fortnite Battle Royale plot. In addition, the Batman Who Laughs would be the central villain of this graphic novel.


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