New Astronaut suit for Mars mission from NASA


NASA started making preparations for the Astronaut shipment to the planet Mars, which is called the Mars mission. Humanity, who has set foot on the Moon until now, is now faced with experiences such as staying in space for much longer. The most important factor threatening astronauts here is the absence of gravity in space.

Astronaut suit to create virtual gravity for Mars mission from NASA

In fact, the shuttles developed are already creating virtual gravity for Astronauts to work for a long time. Today, astronauts and cosmonauts on the International Space Station are prevented from being affected by the negative effects of space thanks to a virtual gravity.

However, during the Mars mission, Astronauts will probably be on the surface of Mars for a long time. With the Astronaut suit that NASA has just started to develop, it will create virtual gravity mobile.

Thus, it will try to prevent diseases caused by the lack of gravity in space. Prolonged exposure to microgravity on the planet Mars is thought to cause muscle atrophy, blurred vision, and other health problems.

The moving gravity suit developed by Neeki Ashari and his team shifts the blood flow to the lower part of the body. It also creates ground reaction forces to maintain bone and muscle density.

With this Astronaut suit, long space travels such as Mars mission will become less of a concern for Astronauts. Thus, the Astronaut will be able to stay on the surface of Mars for a much longer time.

Manned travel to Mars seems to have become even more possible with this new Astronaut suit technology. Well, what do you think about this task, we are waiting for your comments.

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