New article feature in Twitter iOS app


Frequent users of social media, whether Facebook, Reddit or Twitter, will apparently know that a large number of people post articles only after reading the headline. This situation is seen quite frequently on all social media sites. In June, Twitter started testing a new feature to prevent users from sharing or re-tweeting an article before they actually read it.

Testing was first done on Android devices, and now, a few months later, Twitter has reported a new development regarding this feature. The company says in a new tweet that the test went well and that this feature will now be available to users on iOS.

So, if you try to retweet or quote a tweet with an article in it and you didn’t open the link on Twitter first, you might see a new pop-up saying “Headlines are not the whole story” and asking you to read this before you tweet the article. Of course, if you don’t open the article on Twitter, you won’t be prevented from posting the tweet, but this is a good reminder tool for users to read an entire article before sharing in their timeline.

Twitter has been making some effort to combat the recent spread of misinformation. Earlier this year, the company began visibly flagging tweets containing misleading information about Covid-19. It also blocks links to articles that contain harmful or otherwise hateful content.

After these prompts are introduced on iOS, it may not take long for us to see Twitter become an active feature in all versions of Twitter. When Twitter reveals new news about this feature, we will pass it on to you as soon as possible.


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