New application similar to Zoom from Facebook!

Recently, Facebook has announced that it will introduce new features so that users can video chat more easily via messenger. Then, it offered the ability to video chat up to 50 people together with its Instagram application. Today, Facebook has introduced a brand new application for collective speech. Zoom-like application Facebook CatchUp will attract attention!

Zoom-like application Facebook CatchUp introduced!

The latest experimental app from Facebook’s research and development department came exclusively for voice group calls. CatchUp eliminates the hassle of setting up a time to chat with your loved ones and collective talking. You can set a status to show that you are ready to speak and you can create groups of up to eight people.

You can create groups for your friends and family so that whenever everyone is available, you can initiate calls and talk at the same time with a single tap. As with some of the company’s communication apps, you won’t need a Facebook account to use CatchUp, which can work with your phone’s contact list. You can easily hide the people you want to stay in contact with through CatchUp’s privacy settings.

In a statement to TechCrunch, Facebook officials said CatchUp was working before COVID-19 limited most people to their homes. However, due to the pandemic, it was announced that the NPE team, which has an R&D department, has entered the stage of accelerating development.

Last week, CEO Mark Zuckerberg also announced plans to let many employees work permanently from home. In line with the transition to remote work, Facebook will work on more communication tools, and CatchUp seems to be one of the first products of this decision.

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Many of us turned to video calls to stay in touch as the pandemic spread, but no matter how close you are, you may not want to show your face to your family and friends. Therefore, CatchUp seems to be a reasonable solution to maintain communication. The application, which is available in iOS and Android in the USA, is expected to come to other countries soon.

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