New Apple Watch may bring glucose meter without bites


The new Apple Watch should bring a feature for monitoring blood glucose. The information was cited in an article on the South Korean website ETNews about similar functionality that will be present in Samsung’s next Galaxy Watch.

Important for users who have diabetes, the feature will allow to easily analyze the sugar levels through an optical sensor. Therefore, the person does not need to perform rapid tests that require drops of blood to measure glucose.

The article reports that Apple has patented all the technologies necessary to include the glucose meter in the new Apple Watch. The company is currently conducting reliability and stability tests on the new engine.

In addition, as the MacRumors website highlights, CEO Tim Cook was reportedly seen wearing a prototype smartwatch with new health functionality. Therefore, this indicates that the tests are in very advanced stages.

According to rumors, the deployment of this feature is an old wish of Apple. In 2017, a team of biomedical and consultants would have been formed especially to create sensors that monitor blood sugar levels in a non-invasive manner.

Technology for health

The glucose level meter will be another important health-oriented feature available on the Apple Watch. In recent years, in addition to monitoring heart rate, the wearable has become able to measure the level of oxygen in the blood.

At the end of 2020, Cook promised that the brand’s new smart watches would bring several features “like an automobile”. Then, the executive added by saying that “your body is more important than your own car.”

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The new features of the Apple Watch Series 7 will be seen soon. With a microLED display and other new features, the smartwatch is expected to be launched in 2021.


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