All new! Apple reopens famous Sydney store


Apple is known for offering unique shopping experiences in its specialty stores, with Sydney having one of its most famous units. In January, the manufacturer began a major renovation of the Australian establishment, even covering all windows to prevent anyone from seeing what Apple was planning for the site.

Today, four months after the closure, the Sydney Apple Store was reopened to the public on a special basis to meet hygiene recommendations as a way to avoid contamination by COVID-19.

Keeping its structure but adopting the new look that the giant of Cupertino has been implementing in its stores, we have among the novelties stainless steel panels, floor covered with white terrazzo, as well as shelves of products organized in the so-called Avenues.

The highlights, however, go to the new LED lighting system, which should keep the facade always well lit, and to the large 8K resolution panel visible from the entrance, where products and presentations by famous artists are displayed. Although there is nothing planned for the moment due to social isolation measures, it is expected that there will be a special program in the near future.

The company has faced serious difficulties with its establishments in the face of the pandemic, with some of them already being reopened in the USA. Apple has also been working intensively on its new releases, and the acquisition of Inductiv Inc., specializing in Artificial Intelligence, in addition to NextVR, focused on experiences in Virtual Reality, in possible moves to improve Siri and launch the speculated Apple Glass, prove that.,

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