New Apple iPad Pro Models Have 6GB RAM and Ultra Broadband

Apple announced new iPad Pro models yesterday. The new iPad Pro processors draw attention with their dual camera structure. According to a recent information, all iPad Pro models will be available to users with 6GB of RAM and Ultra Broadband.

Apple introduced new iPad Pro models yesterday that it said would be “stronger than most windows computers”. The new iPad Pros seem to have been developed to push even computers with their really powerful configurations. However, Apple’s announcement does not fully disclose some information on iPad Pro models.

It is not clear how many GB of RAM the new iPad Pro models have, but 9to5Mac says that all iPad Pro models have 6GB of RAM and Ultra Broadband. When Apple released iPad Pro in 2018, only the model with 1TB of storage came with 6GB of RAM. Other iPad Pros had 4GB of RAM. This changed in iPad Pro announced in 2019, and all iPad Pro models were presented to users with 6GB of RAM.

At the same time, the new iPad Pros seem to have the U1 Ultra Broadband chip that Apple used for the first time on the iPhone 11 series. However, Apple doesn’t mention this feature in iPad Pro’s list of features. The 9to5Mac says the U1 chip is on the new iPad Pro, but it’s not currently active. It is said that the Ultra Broadband feature will be available in a future software update.

The U1 chip developed by Apple was designed for interiors. Apple describes this chip as GPS on a living room scale. Currently, the iPhone 11s can find other iPhones thanks to the U1 chip, and when the phone is turned towards that iPhone to send files, the device appears at the top of the iPhone list.

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The new iPad Pro also draws attention with the camera module similar to the camera design of the iPhone 11 series. This dual camera structure incorporates a wide-angle lens and LIDAR sensor for augmented reality.



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