New app from Google to make it easier to organize events


Google announced the newest project to come out of its in-house incubator called Area 120. The application, called Fundo, makes it possible for famous names of the internet to organize paid online events. According to the statement released by Google, online workshops or private fan meetings will be held with Fundo.

Event owners will be able to determine and manage the cost of the event in Fundo. In addition, it will be possible to distribute free participation opportunities to the events.

Fundo comes into play in the ticketing and live streaming parts, which is the toughest part of online events. Thus, event owners do not need to use more than one application. Ensuring that only ticket holders can attend the event is among the remarkable features of Fundo.

Standard users don’t need to download an extra app to join the Fundo experience. It is possible to access the events in Fundo via the links sent by the users or the home page of the application. Area 120 states that besides internet celebrities, writers, sports instructors and life coaches can also benefit from Fundo.

It can be said that Fundo is a response to the needs of the global coronavirus epidemic. However, Area 120 stated that work on the application started two years ago.

Google is currently bringing the Fundo app to users only in the US and Canada. The platform is planned to be available in more countries soon.

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