New Android TV device may become official from Google


Traces of two new hardware products from Google have been found in the documents of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). According to the news on 9to5Google site, one of these products is the new Android TV-powered device that the company has been working on for a while. The emergence of FCC records is interpreted as a sign for Google that the announcement of the new Android TV device is approaching.

In the last June, it was stated that Google is working on an Android TV device named “Sabrina” and attached to the back of the television, just like Chromecast. Unlike Chromecasts, this device is considered to have an independent interface.

One of the documents submitted to the FCC mentions an “Interactive Online Media Player” with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. In the other, there is a reference to a “Wireless Device” with Bluetooth support and power cover. It is stated that these devices may be Sabrina and remote control, respectively.

Currently, there are not many options other than TVs on the Android TV side. While there are options such as Nvidia Shield in the upper segment, Xiaomi’s Mi Box S and Mi TV Stick stand out for those looking for something more affordable.

Google could bring a new move to the Android TV platform with its device codenamed Sabrina. In the first rumors, the device, which is said to be official in the summer, still has a few days to keep this calendar in front.

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