New Android Malware Masquerades As Security Update


Android: Malware disguised as a security update is causing problems for Android users. A new version of the FluBot banking trojan has been discovered by CERT NZ, New Zealand’s government cybersecurity agency.

Previously spread as SMS, malicious software can track bank details. Furthermore, by accessing the device’s contact list, the malware sends phishing messages and reaches more people.

According to CERT NZ, the supposed update brings a message saying that the device is infected by FluBot. The alert causes a sense of urgency and panic in users with little knowledge of technology and thus they install the real malware.

When the person accesses the link, attackers create an interface that recommends downloading apps from unknown sources and allowing access to the cell phone. By following the steps, the fake update is installed with full consent of the device owner.

At first, FluBot only targeted users from Spain. However, the malware has spread to other European countries such as Germany, Poland, the UK and Switzerland, as well as reaching Android owners in Australia and Japan.


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