New Android Beta Version of VLC Player Brings Navigation Bar to Application


The Android beta version of VLC Player, one of the most popular video and music players in the world, has been updated. The new update introduced brings a new navigation bar and share button to the application.

The media playback application VLC Player, which has been serving in the smartphone and computer software industry for a long time, has been actively used by millions of consumers for a long time. Aware of the interest shown by consumers, the developer continues to work to make the application more functional by constantly updating both the PC and mobile version of VLC Player.

The developers have now updated the beta version of the Android version of VLC Player. The new beta version offered to users adds a new navigation bar to the application, while allowing the application to have a more familiar interface. Thus, VLC Player users will have the opportunity to access the menus they need instantly.

VLC Player’s new navigation bar looks like this
Both the recently released mobile applications and the long-used popular mobile applications add a navigation bar to the interface for a more comfortable use. The latest Android beta version of VLC Player also offers users the possibility to use this shortcut tool.

Changes to the latest Android beta version of VLC Player are not limited to these. The developer team added a share button to the application. This button allows consumers to share videos and music they watch on VLC Player. It is currently unknown when the developer team’s features with the new beta will arrive on the stable Android version of the app.


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