New Amsterdam’s Joko Sims Shows Reynolds’ Emotional Scene That Had to Be Cut, and The “Challenge” Ahead


Dr. Floyd Reynolds faced a lot of troubles in the fifth and final season of “New Amsterdam”, starting from the fact that he found out that Dr. Bloom had an abortion during their relationship, and ending with the fact that he began to fall in love again with a woman who could further complicate his life. his father is coming back into his life. Although he and Bloom are on good terms and the near future seems bright enough for him and Gabrielle, problems with his father forced him to make some difficult decisions. According to Joko Sims, the scene showing the consequences of these decisions had to be cut.

Earlier in season five, Reynolds realized that his father’s erratic behavior throughout his life could be related to a case of undiagnosed bipolar disorder. Unfortunately, Horace took the unofficial diagnosis as an excuse rather than a motivation to seek treatment, and the situation escalated to such an extent that Reynolds forced his father to forcibly place him in the hospital. In the last episode, titled “The Whole World is a Scene…”, the judge ruled that Horace had not yet been allowed to go home, despite some improvement, and his son came up and volunteered to take him and look after him.

Despite the nobility, Reynolds’ volunteering also seemed somewhat impulsive. When actor Jocko Sims recently spoke to CinemaBlend about New Amsterdam, he weighed in on whether his character knew what he was getting into and the emotional scene that didn’t make it into the frame. He shared:

Well, I think he was ready for some resistance, but there’s a lot of guilt associated with it that he wasn’t ready for. And speaking of that episode, there was a great scene that they had to cut out because of the time, but where Horace, Reynolds’ father, was just watching the episode and losing it in the background while Reynolds was lying on the floor, just hearing his father’s voice screaming as he put it in the ward. I just remember having these hands [covering my ears], trying to block out sounds, getting emotional and teary-eyed. Because of the time we had to get rid of it, but it said a lot. That said a lot.

Unfortunately, there simply wasn’t time for the scene in which Reynolds reacts to the fact that his father had a seizure, but the good doctor who volunteered to see Horace is proof that his father’s predicament really weighed on him. However, it is still unknown what their relationship will be like living together! While Floyd volunteered to bring Horace back to his home and take care of him, this was a very caring step, Floyd is also the reason why Horace was subjected to forced mental confinement in the first place.

Fans will have to tune in to upcoming episodes on NBC (or stream the next day with a Peacock subscription) to see exactly what’s in store for Reynolds’ men, but the actor gave a few hints on what to expect. When I asked what these two characters were like as roommates after Reynolds made the big decision to open his house, Jocko Sims introduced:

It’s a challenge. Here you have a man who is well-established in his path, an elderly man, and then you have a young bachelor. And then you have, Horace will do what fathers do. He will insist on advice. He’s going to be a little inattentive to Floyd’s time. But Floyd at this stage of his lifeā€”and I’ve seen the character evolve into someone even more patient- even the fact that he’s willing to take his father into his home shows that this season Floyd is very determined to have a relationship with his father and willing to do whatever it takes to get his family back together family.

Reynolds really went from not having a relationship with Horace to living with Horace and pretty quickly got fatherly advice (whether he likes it or not)! After all, it wasn’t that long ago that the two men were completely estranged, so it’s interesting to know that Floyd is determined to continue building this relationship even with the added complications of mental retention and now sharing a home.

Find out how Reynolds is adjusting to having his father in his house (and whether that means anything to his budding romance with travel nurse Gabrielle) in the next new episode of New Amsterdam at a special time on Tuesday, November 22 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC, taking the usual spot of La Brea, which recently aired its eventful fall finale.

The second edition of “New Amsterdam” will also air at 22:00. ET, so don’t forget to schedule a double medical drama on Tuesday night! The show should end on the 2023 TV schedule with another two-hour event, which is either good news or bad news, depending on how you look at it!


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