New Amsterdam: Why the medical drama will culminate with season 5 on NBC


New Amsterdam is one of NBC’s medical dramas, which since it premiered in September 2018, has captivated the hearts of fans by telling the story of Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold), in his social desire and endless commitment to the hospital patients. Without a doubt, this has been a fascinating and inspiring story with an extraordinary plot arc that is currently being kept on screen with season 4.

The hit drama that also stars Freema Agyeman as Dr. Helen Sharpe, Max’s love interest, is on hiatus but is scheduled to return in April with new episodes to move towards the end of season 4, which has been no less emotional than the previous installment.

New Amsterdam fans learned Monday that the medical drama will culminate after its season 5 on NBC, which will air in 2022-2023. The news, first reported by Deadline, sparked a great impact especially because it is a medical program that differs from the rest of the series of the same genre.

Unsurprisingly, the bad news about the final season of New Amsterdam leaves everyone wondering why NBC made this decision? Keep in mind that the story of the drama has been advancing with the love commitment between Max and Helen and traveling to London to finally make his life.

Probably, many would have wanted to have at least six or seven seasons on their screens, but without a doubt, recent stories have been signs that the end would come soon, despite the fact that fans returned to see Max returning to New York to take care of temporarily from the precarious situation in which the hospital has been since she was absent and left in the hands of Dr. Veronica Fuentes (Michelle Forbes).

And it is that part of this decision of NBC to conclude the story of New Amsterdam with season 5, could be based on the performance that the series has had in terms of ratings and audience levels of season 4, which have decreased by 18% in the 18-49 age demographic relative to the third installment.

Then again, there’s also the fact that shows like New Amsterdam become more expensive to develop as they run. And as Cartermatt puts it, the decision to end the series with season 5 is a consequence of NBC’s carelessness due to its lack of care in promoting the fourth installment of the series. In addition to all this, it could not be ruled out that the program is finished for creative reasons and that its producer, writer and director David Schulner, has considered that it was the right time in the world of Max Goodwin and Helen Sharpe to finish the story.