New Amsterdam: What awaits Max and Helen based on recent events


New Amsterdam re-aired last Tuesday with the 14th episode of season 4 on the NBC broadcast network, bringing Max and Helen temporarily back to their old home due to the death of their dear friend and partner. hospital work. (Major spoilers for episode 14)

The things that are happening in New Amsterdam are unprecedented. Since Max left with Helen for London, many things have changed in his old job and all his efforts of so many years have been thrown overboard, after Dr. Verónica Fuentes (Michelle Forbes), took over as medical director. of the hospital, where currently chaos reigns due to his decisions focused solely on the financial aspect.

New Amsterdam season 4 episode 14, which aired on Tuesday this week, left Max and Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman) saying their goodbyes. She returns to London and demanded that he stay to fight for the hospital and clean up the mess caused by Fuentes during her absence. In the promotional trailer for the upcoming installment to be released on Tuesday, February 22, Ryan Eggold’s character is seen starting the war against the hospital’s new medical director. This Helen told Max:

“This place, these patients, our friends, everyone is losing. They are fighting back and they are losing because you are not here,” he said. “This is war. So you have to stay here and you have to fight. You have to fight alongside our friends. You have to fight for this hospital. You have to fight for my legacy and yours, and when you win, and you will win, you get your ass on a plane and come back to me, understand?”

There are a lot of questions as to what’s next for the couple. Max is determined to get Fuentes out of the hospital no matter what; and for this he must stay in New York while Helen resumes her job at NHS Hampstead Hospital in London. Now that they’re apart, how long will Max and Helen be separated and in a long-distance relationship?

In this sense, we would have to wait to see if once Max takes down Verónica Fuentes he will want to stay as medical director again. And as for Helen, in the event that Max decides to stay in New Amsterdam to continue running the hospital, could Helen return to New Amsterdam knowing that her three new employees could take her place as head of NHS Hampstead? ?

These kinds of stories are likely to be on the way for the remainder of New Amsterdam season 4 episodes. Let’s remember that Dr. Elizabeth Wilder (Sandra Mae Frank) is the one who takes her place in the New York hospital, and since the actress is not a regular in the series, perhaps fans will see Helen return to be where she belongs and wants to be, next to Max.