New Amsterdam: series 3 trailer promises strong emotions


This Tuesday (23), NBC released a new trailer for the 3rd season of New Amsterdam. The production, which returns on March 2 at the broadcaster, incorporated the coronavirus pandemic into its plot and will have several exciting moments throughout its next episodes.

The protagonist Max (Ryan Eggold) has always been one of the great defenders of the propositions that aim to make the health system fairer for everyone. However, the new normal that is being faced will place many uncertainties within these issues, showing how the passion for the profession should be the most important of all at this time.

From the images, it is possible to see that the 3rd season of the series will have distressing and frantic moments. The trailer also confirms that at least one doctor in the group will be infected with covid-19, but there is no indication whether that person will die or survive.

Check out the full video:

New Amsterdam: Season 3 of the series shows how the impact of coronavirus can affect the health system
Since the beginning of the pandemic, restrictive measures to protect its spread have mainly aimed at reducing the devastating impacts that the disease could cause on the different health systems spread around the world. In this way, the 3rd season of New Amsterdam intends to deepen this reality.

According to the series ‘description, doctors’ challenges are enormous and they will have to sustain the optimism that moves them forward while dealing with extremely serious problems of patients who will not be able to sustain themselves after hospital expenses.

On this topic, David Schulner, the creator of the series, in an interview released at the beginning of the pandemic by Deadline, said that the world, at that time, needed less fiction and more factual information. It is visible that this is configured in the new episodes.

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