New Amsterdam Season 5: What we suspected was going to happen with Sandra Mae Frank


The medical drama New Amsterdam will premiere on May 24, 2022 the final episode of its fourth season, which keeps everyone excited. However, hours before the launch, the NBC television network has given viewers good news, after confirming that actress Sandra Mae Frank has been promoted to a regular member of the program.

Actress Sandra Mae Frank joined the ensemble in the season 4 premiere of New Amsterdam, as deaf surgeon Elizabeth Wilder whom Max (played by Ryan Eggold) initially interviewed for Helen’s (Freema Agyeman) position before being offered her job as medical director of the hospital. Although she rejected the proposal and she decided to take something that she liked and was a specialist, Oncology.

During her participation in season 4 of New Amsterdam, of the 24 episodes that make up this installment, actress Sandra Mae Frank managed to appear in 12 of them. In fact, the star got an honorable mention from the TVLine website for her great performance in episode 13, which explored the relationship between Dr. Elizabeth Wilder and her brother.

Interestingly, news of Sandra Mae Frank’s rise for New Amsterdam season 5 comes as the show prepares to air the final episode of its fourth installment on May 24. Where the members of the Bellevue hospital will face a terrible hurricane that reaches the city.

While in the season 4 episode finale, you can see the long-awaited wedding of Max and Helen, after both were about to break up. Although the couple had made the decision to marry, the situation began to get a little complicated, due to the management of the hospital and the job offer that Helen was receiving in London. Place where she was born.

According to comments from New Amsterdam showrunner David Schulner, Helen is in London and has flown back to New York to marry Max. However, the hurricane that will hit the city not only endangers everyone’s life, it seems that it could endanger Helen’s life, since she is in the air returning. This is what Schulner has warned.

“Because Helen is in the mid-Atlantic when the hurricane changes direction, there is also some danger in the air,” Schulner warns.