New Amsterdam season 4: Trailer and release date of episode 12 of the drama


New Amsterdam appeared again on Tuesday, January 4, on the screens of the fans, just as the American broadcasting network NBC had scheduled. Finally, what the fans waited for so long happened. Max and Helen are sharing a new stage in their lives. (The following contains major spoilers)

Fans of NBC’s hit medical drama season 4 episode 11 saw Max and Helen for the first time in London. Everyone’s favorite romantic couple left New Amsterdam hospital behind and now they have a lot ahead of them and dedicate enough time, as they embark on their new tasks in a different place, which will surely bring new challenges to take on.

As the network promotes episode 12 of the fourth installment of New Amsterdam, which will air next week, fans of the drama are not so concerned about the fact that Max finally obtained his license to practice medicine in the Kingdom. United. However, he is not working close to Helen.

Viewers of the series also saw Max wanting to figure things out for himself, but he found the system to be totally different from America. So will he have Helen’s support? Max is expected to quickly adapt to the culture of his current environment where they will likely have to spend a good time of their lives.

New Amsterdam season 4 episode 12 trailer

The NBC network released the promotional trailer for New Amsterdam season 4 episode 12 that will air on Tuesday, January 11, revealing the official synopsis which describes Helen taking the reins at NHS Hampstead Hospital, while Max gets creative to help to a patient in need.

Furthermore, away from the UK, at New Amsterdam Reynolds Hospital makes a decision about Dr. Malvo, while Iggy and Bloom help their patients understand the underlying cause of their stress. In addition, Dr. Wilder employs less conventional techniques. At the same time, the doctors make Dr. Veronica Fuentes believe that they are on her side now that Max is gone.