New Amsterdam Season 4: The other beloved character who could die in episode 13


New Amsterdam returned on the first Monday of 2022 with a new Season 4 episode on the NBC broadcast network, and fans found Max Goodwin and Helen Sharpe at the start of a new chapter in their lives. The romantic couple finally walked away from the hospital when she moved to London leaving everything behind.

The successful series starring Ryan Eggold, will air this Tuesday, January 18 with episode 13 of season 4 which promises to be totally emotional, as revealed by promotional previews last week. In the trailer, Helen is seen receiving a call that stuns her as does Max.

New Amsterdam fans are getting ready to witness a death that is set to occur during the upcoming events of the NBC medical drama. Before the premiere of episode 13, the broadcast network released the official synopsis for the fourteenth installment of season 4, excluding Tyler Labine’s Iggy Froome.

The fact that Iggy, who is regularly mentioned in the synopsis of every episode of New Amaterdam, does not appear in the promo for episode 14, has given reason to think that the character of Labine is the one who will die in this week’s installment. . However, a new theory suggests that it could not be Iggy.

In the case of a medical drama, it is common for fans to see some patients at the New Amsterdam hospital die, but when it comes to one of the most beloved characters on the show, this type of departure turns out to be devastating not only for the rest of the companions. of work, but also for the faithful spectators. So who else should fans worry about?

According to the Cartermatt site, it is almost impossible for death to come to Dr. Lauren Bloom or Dr. Reynolds since there is no evidence to suggest that either of them is in danger or will lose their life in any circumstance that no one will want to see The same happens with Dr. Verónica Fuentes. However, in addition to Iggy, it could also be Anupam Kher’s Dr. Vijay Kapoor, who despite no longer being active in the hospital and remains out of Screen 3, is a much-loved part of the series’ family.