New Amsterdam Season 4: Max’s sad words moments before the wedding


NBC’s popular medical drama New Amsterdam is gearing up for the premiere of its final episode. After the television network decided to cancel the program with its fourth season. However, the final moments have been showing shocking twists ahead of Max’s (Ryan Eggold) and Helen’s (Freema Agyeman) wedding.

The fourth season of New Amsterdam, managed to confirm the beginning of the relationship of the most popular characters of the program, Max and Helen. After various clues that were shown throughout the drama and after the death of his wife. Now, the final episode prepares to show the shocking wedding of both.

However, the 21st episode of season 4 of New Amsterdam, titled “Castles Made of Sand”. He has set up what would be an eventful season finale even without the natural disaster that is on the way to New York City. Something that has separated Max and Helen for a few days, because she is in London.

But while Helen was in London looking for a wedding venue (a castle), her mother managed to dissuade her not only from such a venue, but also from the possibility of her marrying Max. When they both have a phone call, they begin to unburden their feelings.

Helen seemed ready to break the news of calling off the wedding over the phone from London while he was in New York. But she didn’t go too far before Max declared that he didn’t want to get married in a castle either but in any place where they could both be, it is at that moment that she begins to say sad and emotional words.

“I don’t think I’ll get on that plane. And I know this is unexpected and unplanned, and everything we said we weren’t going to do, but I’ve been waiting for you my whole life.”

“And if this is it, if this is our moment, then I don’t want to wait another minute. Because in a minute, it could be gone. I’m not going back to London for you to come home.”

The scene itself managed not only to captivate Helen who was hesitant from London calling Max to cancel the wedding. But also to all the viewers of New Amsterdam, who have been wanting and following this romance since the first seasons of the medical drama.

Let’s get married tomorrow in New York

“What do you need for a wedding? You need two people in love. You need a couple of people, a couple of friends to witness it, and a super cute flower girl who happens to be my daughter. Our daughter”,

Admittedly, much of the speech was a grand gesture to woo anyone and cross the ocean to get married, but Helen seemed ready to call the wedding off altogether before Max delivered the emotional speech. Now, the final episode of New Amsterdam season 4 and the one that will close the show, will be with Helen returning from London to marry Max. It only remains to wait for the release of the final chapter on Tuesday, May 24, 2022.