New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 15: This is how Max faces Dr. Fuentes according to trailer


New Amsterdam, the medical drama that airs every Tuesday on the American network NBC, launched this week the fourteenth episode of season 4 presenting events that will have important consequences in the remainder of the current installment. (Spoilers for episodes 14 and 15)

New Amsterdam fans watched Max and Helen return from London to the hospital. The death of Dr. Vijay Kapoor was the reason everyone’s favorite romantic couple temporarily left their love nest, where they started a new life at the beginning of season 4.

However, what no one expected was that Helen would return to London alone. Max has unfinished business to settle at the hospital, after finding the hospital in the midst of chaos generated by the new medical director, Dr. Verónica Fuentes, the character played by Michelle Forbes.

In this sense, what fans of New Amsterdam will be able to see in episode 15 of season 4, is unprecedented in the NBC medical drama. As the trailer reveals, Max is convinced that he must take down Dr. Fuentes once and for all. The next events of the successful series will surely be complicated due to the war that is brewing inside the hospital, with the character of Ryan Eggold at the forefront to put up a fight.

It turns out that Dr. Fuentes pretty much brushed aside all the work Max had been doing for years. Now, with the Forbes character dealing solely with the financial situation, the doctors are not focusing on the priority that is the patients, but on their own confrontations, which has plunged the hospital into total chaos.

New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 15 Trailer Shows Max Confronting Dr. Veronica Fuentes

The truth is that Max is willing to take the hospital back. This is how I let him see the promotional trailer for episode 15 of season 4 of New Amsterdam, when he challenges Dr. Fuentes to leave the hospital. Fans can only wait for the return of the drama to their screens at the end of February, to see how the intense events will be unfolding.

The NBC network, so far, has not revealed the official synopsis of episode 15 of the fourth installment of New Amsterdam, but the preview shared through the trailer is just a small sample of how the mood will be when the series returns after it ends. close the winter olympic games.