New Amsterdam Season 4: Did Janet Montgomery Quit The Drama As Lauren Bloom?


NBC’s hit medical drama New Amsterdam aired this week with the 13th episode of season 4, telling a totally devastating story as it revealed the death of one of the beloved characters who lived in the hospital for a long time. weather. (Spoilers for episode 13)

The series starring Ryan Eggold as Dr. Max Goodwin, before the arrival of the most recent episode announced the death of a character. During the broadcast, it was revealed that Dr. Vijay Kapoor passed away. The character died off-screen as actor Anupam Kher exited the drama early in season 3 after Kapoor’s health was compromised by covid-19.

The truth is that episode 13 of the fourth season of the series happened. Some fans believe that the next to go is Dr. Lauren Bloom. Although there is no talk of her dying here, the latest in her story arc could hint at the departure of Janet Montgomery’s character from New Amsterdam.

Nearing the end of this week’s installment, New Amsterdam fans witnessed Dr. Bloom make a difficult decision regarding Leyla, which she felt was the right one. Recall that both characters have had a complicated romance since the beginning of this season of the medical drama and as a result of Bloom’s actions, her love interest is thinking of leaving her position as a resident at the hospital.

In New Amsterdam, Dr. Bloom was conscientious and therefore doesn’t think Leyla should leave. Therefore, Montgomery’s character decided to leave the hospital in an attempt to come to terms with her mistake. In this sense, there are many fans of the NBC drama who are wondering if she will not see Bloom again.

While Bloom is leaving the fictional New York City hospital, that doesn’t mean her character is leaving her story arc on the show. On the contrary, as part of the dynamic in which the characters that make life in the program are maintained, it is very likely that from now on a new journey will begin for her.

And as the specialist site Cartermatt says, one of the most important things going forward for Dr. Bloom in New amsterdam is that regardless of whether she stays in the hospital or leaves, she needs to work on herself. . She already understands that what she did was wrong, but working harder could be essential to make sure it doesn’t happen again, now that she understood that she has lost Leyla.