New Amsterdam: pandemic episode will not be broadcast


Although the New Amsterdam season 3 addresses the coronavirus pandemic, an episode about a different pandemic was already ready and will not be broadcast. According to David Schulner, creator of the series, in an interview with the American portal Deadline, nothing will compare with what we live in reality.

The one-hour episode was produced before the coronavirus spread around the world. Originally, it would be broadcast in season 2 of the series, but with current events, the production thought it best to leave it alone.

New Amsterdam episode should be discarded

The script for the pandemic episode showed a global health crisis due to the proliferation of an influenza virus. At the time, the pandemic in the real world was not yet a possibility, but it happened at the same time that the episode would be broadcast.

Even 1 year later, the creators still prefer not to publicize the episode. If in 2020 the reason the episode was not released was the belief that viewers did not need something close to reality, now this is no longer true. The producers believe that a fictional episode about a pandemic would not come close to what we experienced in the last year.

In this way, the creators of New Amsterdam chose to reflect the real world and show the horrors of the coronavirus. Therefore, the episode already produced must be discarded to make room for the new events of the third season.

This does not mean that all material will be unusable. A scene in which Kapoor is infected with an influenza virus will be reused to link the story of covid-19. In addition, the producers claim that some scenes recorded with Iggy will also be included in the new season.

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