New Amsterdam: Meet the protagonist who brought his own medical case to the series


Since New Amsterdam debuted on NBC in 2018, it has become a huge success by blending the lives of staff and patients from America’s oldest public hospital into its medical case stories. In its first season, we meet Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold), a doctor who has been appointed as the new medical director of New Amsterdam Hospital. Since his arrival, it has not taken him long to make radical decisions to improve patient care, dealing with the problems of having a low budget. But, Max kept a secret from his companions: he has cancer.

With this initial premise, New Amsterdam little by little conquered a place of honor among the fans of medical dramas who have praised and enjoyed the four seasons that it has been broadcast. Based on the memoir Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital by the former medical director of Bellevue Hospital in New York City, Dr. Eric Manheimer, the cases presented on screen were to be expected to be very real. , but there is one that stands out from the rest because it has to do very closely with one of its protagonists.

As you will recall, Dr. Iggy Frome, played by Tyler Labine’s struggle with food addiction, served as a major story in season 3 of New Amsterdam. The character shared with Dr. Lauren Bloom (Janet Montgomery) how his deep-seated issues around food arose, talked about how his father pinched him and called him disgusting, while filling out a chart to monitor his nine-year-old son’s progress. years when it comes to weight loss.

While the scene by itself despite being fictional was heartbreaking, many fans were unaware at the time that it was a reality for actor Tyler Labine who plays one of the kindest and most beloved characters in the series and who also deals with serious Personal problems, such as his obsession with saving orphaned children and an eating disorder that forces him to consume huge amounts of junk food.

The interpreter shared his testimony with the New Amsterdam showrunners to address his problem in the series. Labine told them of his own history of addictions, eating disorders, suicide attempts and overcoming, which began with his father calling him disgusting every time he failed in his attempts to lose weight and even led him to attempt on his own life, when he was barely a child. 12-year-old teenager tormented by his image and his desire for acceptance by the people around him.

“Around the age of 9, I started to gain a bit more weight than my other two brothers. One night my father saw me shirtless, slapped me on the stomach and said ‘OMG that’s disgusting, look at that!’ “.

“Since then he put me on diets that made me feel different from the rest of my family. He built a small makeshift gym in the basement and took photos of me to monitor my progress. I felt that the love I received from him was directly related to the amount. of weight that lost “, confesses Labine.

The actor admitted feeling grateful for having had the opportunity to have a platform to share his story, for him it was cathartic to embark on that journey with Iggy, in his opinion it was a great personal advance to be able to tell his story, and he hopes it will help many persons. Tyler Labine’s story became Iggy’s story in New Amsterdam after several lengthy discussions and just when Dr. Bloom pointed out that Iggy’s approach to food will affect his children was similar to a conversation with Tyler and his wife. .

“I wish I had done it earlier. It has been very cathartic to have embarked on this journey with Iggy. It’s a huge step forward for me to tell my story and hopefully help other people. “