New Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show 10


Booming for a few years and turned into essential pieces to be able to create a low-cost home automation at home without having to be millionaires, ‘smart speakers’ or smart speakers are the first step we can take to have a cyber-connected smart home. The device becomes the center of everything, to which we ask questions, we ask it to play music, we buy things on Amazon or we give replicated orders to devices such as a smart light bulb, a connected kitchen or a ‘smart’ plug.

In this field, Amazon is one of the pioneers with its Echo range powered by the Alexa digital assistant. A range that the company renews from time to time, and that in 2020 has been redesigned internally and externally, just in time for events such as the past Prime Day 2020 or the upcoming Black Friday 2020 and Christmas.

And it is that the redesign at an aesthetic level has been very radical, since the Echos have become spheres. If you want to update your Amazon Echo or are looking for a gift, check out the new models:

Amazon Echo 4th Generation- € 59.99

The next generation Echo is a mix of the Echo and the Echo Plus in one device. Its spherical design is completely new and the fabric finish makes it ideal for any place in the house. The device has a bright LED light ring at the base of the dial that reflects off surfaces for increased visibility.

The new Echo mounts a 3.0-inch woofer, two tweeters, and Dolby processing that delivers stereo sound with clear highs, dynamic mids, and deep bass. Like the Echo Studio, the smart speaker automatically detects room acoustics and adjusts audio playback – just order your favorite music and its richly detailed sound automatically adapts to any room.

And, for the first time, the Echo incorporates a Digital Home controller, compatible with Zigbee and Bluetooth Low Energy.

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Echo Dot – € 99.99 and Echo Dot with clock – € 69.99

The new Echo Dot has the same spherical design and fabric finish as the Echo, which Amazon says “makes it a stylish way to put Alexa in any room.” The device is compact, but includes a powerful 1.6-inch front speaker, which reproduces clear voices and balanced bass for full sound that you can enjoy in any room in your home.

The new Echo Dot with clock also comes with the same enhancements as the new Echo Dot, plus an LED indicator so you can see:

– The time

– Temperature

– The timers

– Alarms

In addition, a one-touch snooze feature at the top, a feature “customers love” will also be available on the Echo Dot with clock and will now be available on the Echo Dot and Echo.

Echo Show 10 3rd Generation – € 249.99

The new Echo Show 10 is “a complete reinterpretation of Alexa with a screen”: It features a bright, adaptive 10-inch HD screen that automatically rotates to stay in view when you interact with Alexa, no matter where you are in the room. Plus, the new brushless motor is completely silent, meaning you won’t hear anything while the Echo Show 10 is rotating.

Ask Alexa to make a video call whether or not you are in frame. As you move, the screen does too. The new 13 megapixel camera with a wide angle uses auto-framing to keep you in the foreground and in the center of the image. Plus, you’ll soon be able to enjoy the new group calling feature and create a group of up to eight friends and family, and simply say, “Alexa, call my family.”


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