New Alien Canon Makes Xenomorphs Smarter Than Ever Shown In Movies


Warning! Spoilers ahead for Alien Annual #1

Fans usually think of the infamous xenomorphs from the Alien franchise as ruthless bestial killers, but as it turns out, they are smarter and hunt with smarter tactics than first thought.

In the recent Alien comics, Weyland-Yutani, the corporation responsible for many of the horrific events in the Alien canon, controls a series of xenomorphs. They call xenomorphs an “organism” and send them to deal with the company’s affairs, usually in situations where they want to remain silent or hide. And when the protesters make a fuss about the company, they decide to send a fire brigade along with a xenomorph to destroy the protesters. Unfortunately, the synthetics built into the team allows the xenomorph to escape prematurely, and he begins hunting the fire team.

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In Alien Annual #1 by Philip Kennedy Johnson and Salvador Larocchi, the fire brigade is led by Gabriel Cruz, who has extensive experience working with xenomorphs. When the alien got lost on their ship, he ordered his crew to always stay together and never separate. The synthetic, who chronicles the xenomorph’s activity, notes that he refrained from attacking the group, and suggests that this is due to Cruz’s instructions to keep everyone together. He hid for several days, waiting for an opportunity to make the first move.

This shows incredible restraint and patience on the part of the xenomorph. The alien is usually depicted as a wild animal, and wild animals usually have very limited intelligence. They pounce at the first opportunity, without thinking or planning. But the simple fact that a xenomorph can wait in hiding, biting the time until a member of the group is isolated, shows a level of true hunting insight that is not usually associated with a predatory beast.

The first film “Alien” is known for its atmospheric horror. It showed how an alien could move around the ship unnoticed and destroy the crew one by one. Not much screen time was given to the alien’s thought process during these attacks, but this recent comic sheds some light on this scenario. The alien did not accidentally take the team. He used elaborate tactics to sneak around the ship and isolate the prey for easy prey. Another ramification of this information is that xenomorphs can change their tactics when they outnumber their opponent rather than being outnumbered.

In any case, each new story sheds light on how Alien xenomorphs hunt and act.


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