New 40 player mode for CoD: Cold War introduced!


The 40-player Fireteam: Dirty Bomb mode has been introduced for Black Ops Cold War, the newest game in the Call of Duty series. The Fireteam mode offers a unique experience with a mix of mission-oriented and action unlike anything seen in Call of Duty.

CoD: Black Ops Cold War offers players a mission-oriented mode with Fireteam

Fireteam seems to start with various formats or sub-mods, such as limited time mods in Warzon. Treyarch introduced this mode to us with the trailer below.

Dirty Bomb is played with 10 teams of four. These teams collect uranium on the map, putting the uranium they have collected into the Dirty Bomb. When the bomb is full, it explodes and emits radiation to the environment. The developer team gave great importance to the tools with this mode.

Players can come to a very advantageous position with these tools. Especially the attack helicopter looks advantageous. Players who are familiar with Battlefield and helicopters do not seem to have difficulty with helicopters that come with this mode.

It is not entirely clear what the players have to do to win the match. However, Treyarch states that it will earn points for the squad that detonates the bomb after each successful Dirty Bomb blast. According to Treyarch’s notes, the characters of players carrying uranium will be affected by radiation depending on the duration of the transport, which will affect the characters’ health regeneration, running speed and perks. Players can spawn on their teammates when they die.


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