“Never Do anything Better than this” Is a Film by Will Smith, After Which His Children Wanted Him to Quit Acting


Will Smith stunned in many box office record-breaking films during his acting career spanning more than three decades. Smith worked his way from the nadir to the top thanks to his stellar performance in any genre in which he starred. Whether it’s instructive and heartfelt films like “Chasing Happiness,” or patriotic films like “Independence Day,” Smith wins regardless of genre. It is safe to say that the titled actor has many fans. In most cases, no matter how great the stars are, they are humiliated by their family. However, one day Will Smith managed to erase the boundaries between fans and family, as he left them all delighted with his work.

When you think about the best works of an actor dedicated to Independence Day, such masterpieces as “I am a Legend”, “In pursuit of Happiness”, “Bad Guys” and “Men in Black” come to mind. However, the opinion of his family differs from the opinion of the masses in this case.

What kind of Will Smith movie do his kids like?

Talent, especially in terms of acting, is inherited from the Smith family. Evidence of this is the goosebumps-inducing performance of Jayden Smith in “In Pursuit of Happiness”, and then again in “Karate Kid” together with the legendary actor Jackie Chan. Another Smith child who stunned with his acting at the age of seven in “I am a Legend” is Willow Smith. The eldest of Will Smith’s children also participated in small acting projects. It is safe to say that they all have the right to be critics. And they chose “Suicide Squad” as his best work. “They said that’s it. I will never do anything better than this,” Smith said in 2016, as reported by ET.

The family consensus coincided with public opinion. In his career, which boasts many amazing films, “Suicide Squad” has become another addition. With box office receipts of a whopping $747 million on a budget of $175 million, it’s no surprise that Smith’s children watched the film twice.

Will the actor ever play Deadshot again?

Despite the success of Suicide Squad, which involved all the elements, from the stellar cast to the stellar plot, Will Smith says nothing about Deadshot. He also did not appear in the sequel, citing “conflicting schedules” as the reason.

While the actor may not have said anything about the franchise, the Suicide Squad fandom is an avid Will Smith seeker, and they’re showcasing his return to Suicide Squad with the third installment of the franchise.

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