Neve Campbell, the Star of the Scream Series, Announces that she is at the Meeting for the Fifth Movie


Scream, one of the unforgettable series of horror cinema, is getting ready to return with its fifth sequel. Canadian actress Neve Campbell, who gave life to the character of Sidney Prescott in the iconic series, announced that Scream 5 was in talks to take part in the cast.

The Scream series, which is about the murders of a masked murderer who searches for the victims he chose among the university students, appeared in 1996 for the first time. The iconic series, which succeeded to be one of the most important parts of the popular culture with the following three films, has a very special place especially for the generation born in the 90s.

The first four films, directed by legendary horror cinema Wes Craven, grossed a total of $ 603 million at the global box office. This makes Scream financially one of the most successful horror movie series in history.

Scream, which entered our lives in 1996, is considered one of the most successful horror movie series in the cinema world.
Unfortunately, Craven died in 2015. Neve Campbell, who plays the character of the series’s protagonist Sidney Prescott, said in her previous statement that she did not look very much at the idea of ​​continuing the series without Craven; but earlier this year, director duo Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett said they wanted to honor Craven’s legacy with his fifth sequel.

Campbell, a guest of singer Jake Hamilton’s YouTube channel, gave an excited answer to the question about whether he will appear in Scream 5. The Canadian actress, who said, “They came to me and we are talking. It is a bit difficult to predict what will happen because of the extraordinary situation we are experiencing now. I hope it will be concluded in a short time.”

We can see Neve Campbell, who plays the character of Sidney Prescott, in Scream 5
On the other hand, it is almost impossible for Scream 5 to go into production at this stage due to the coronavirus epidemic. It is also seen that the cast of the movie is not determined exactly. Therefore, it may take much longer for the project to take shape than expected. The information is available for now, but we will keep you posted if more details about Scream 5 appear.


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