Neve Campbell may not be returning to Scream 6, but Hayden Panettieri is back and has just released a behind-the-scenes photo


The Scream franchise continues to pay homage to franchise members from the past, and also balances the contribution of a new team that appeared in the surprisingly successful Scream—in 2022, not in the 1996 classic. The cast of the fifth “Scream” has a lot of new faces who joined the founders of the series Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette … as well as several stars of the 1996 film who performed vocals through very clever sound Easter eggs. And although Campbell has stated that she will not be returning to Scream 6 due to contract disagreements, we know that the outstanding Scream 4 Hayden Panettieri will play her role again, and now we are seeing her in production for the first time.

“Scream” co-star Jasmine Savoy Brown, who played Mindy Mix in the 2022 re-release, took over the official “Scream” account on the BeReal social app (via People) and posted the following image of Hayden Panettieri in the “Scream” trailer with hair and makeup. 6. Kirby Reed is ready for a close-up shoot!

Jasmine Savoy Brown added the following caption:

Will Mindy and Kirby be friends?? Hayden thinks yes, I think no.

And one of the reasons why we are so excited about Scream 6 is to find out how O.G. Hayden Panettieri, for example, will fit into the new team, especially since Neve Campbell has confirmed that she is not involved in the upcoming film. There will be a huge hole to fill, and Courteney Cox may take on a bigger role, but we assume that the creators of the movie “Scream 6” will increase the role of Kirby Reed, a fan-favorite character from the hotly contested sequel “Scream.”

Depending on when you got to know the Scream franchise, your opinion of Scream 4 probably varies. While this is by far the most meta in the series, the fact that Scream 4 was trying to be a reboot and remake made some fans scratch their heads and others welcome the new direction. In particular, when it comes to Kirby Reed’s character, “Scream” fans often argue about whether she survived the movie after seeing how she was wounded and left to bleed in that scene.

Now we know for sure that Kirby is back and we have a shot of Hayden Panettieri on set… but not an official look at Kirby as she will appear in Scream 6. Let’s hope it happens sooner rather than later. We also hope that Neve Campbell will be able to repair the relationship and negotiate a return to Scream 6, as rumor has it. “Scream” is not a “Scream” without Sidney Prescott, no matter how many new actors appear in the sequel. We’ve gathered all the facts you need to know about “Scream 6” that should help you keep busy while you wait for the sequel to be released in theaters on March 31, 2023.


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