Neuralink: Musk wants to start testing with humans as early as 2021


Neuralink, headed by Elon Musk, intends to start testing neural implants in humans as early as 2021. The information was released by the businessman himself, questioned by a follower on Twitter.

According to the founder, the target will be respected “if things go well”, which means that the deadline is still linked to other forecasts and can be modified.

“Neuralink is working very hard to ensure the safety of the implant and is in close communication with the FDA,” said Musk on the social network, referring to the Food and Drug Administration. This is the US federal agency that oversees several health departments, including pharmaceutical and medical tests.

Musk’s most ambitious idea with chips implanted in the brain and sending commands to remotely controlled systems is to make quadriplegic people resume body movements. However, this plan does not have any prediction yet to be put into practice, since Neuralink still raises a series of questions due to its limitations.

Recently, the company released a video showing a monkey playing Pong with his mind, without any joystick – an interface that impresses, but has been criticized by some researchers.


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