NetMovies: streaming movies and series is now free


A new free option for streaming movies and series will be available in Brazil starting this Friday (10/30). NetMovies, which, founded in 2016, operated in the online rental segment, will now start its operations based on advertising – dispensing with monthly fees, like others -, the solution promises “high quality audio and video” to those interested. According to the company, the movement is the result of a strategic plan developed over two years.

To make the project possible, the company first acted in the search and licensing of content with rights for the modality. Soon after, it created a series of partnerships to obtain the tools of security and monetization. With its YouTube channel, it reached over 15 million unique monthly users – playing 12 million hours per month.

One of the great differentials of the novelty now is that subscription plans will not be offered and that everything will be 100% free. To access it, simply update or download the app for iOS, Android or LG, Samsung and Sony TVs. Soon, it will also be available for iOS TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire and Roku. All are compatible with the use of ChromeCast and AirPlay.

At the inauguration, approximately 2,500 contents of various genres, in addition to series, in subtitled and dubbed versions, will be offered.


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