Netherlands to install 1.5 million electric car chargers


When reviewing a section of the “National Climate Agreement”, the Dutch discovered that, in order to achieve the desired goal of an emission-free transportation system in the country, it would be necessary to install more than 1.5 million electric car chargers by the end of the year. end of the current decade. So, they decided to install them now!

However, in order to fulfill their objectives, the working groups, national and regional, realized that the majority of electric vehicle owners will need chargers available on public roads. It is the proverbial issue of chicken and eggs, says the technology website CleanTechnica: without demand for electric cars it is not worthwhile to build a recharging network, but without it, no one buys electricity.

After all, without a robust charging network, only those who are able to charge (expensive) in their own garage will be interested in electric vehicles. The solution found by the Dutch was to install public chargers. When ordering an electric car, the citizen asks for a charger near his home. The city then provides the installation.

Adapting a country for electric vehicles

What working groups currently do in the Netherlands is to coordinate, initiate, stimulate, convince and pressure. In other words, the governmental sphere does everything possible and necessary, except installing and financing the shippers. This task is in charge of a free market, in which countless billing providers compete for bids to obtain licenses, as is the case with gas concessionaires.

Another work of persuasion is with the associations of property owners and real estate investors who, in their ventures, need to start installing the porters quickly, under pain of frustrating the residents.

The challenge is enormous, and it also includes parking lots in shopping centers, sports and recreational facilities, publicly accessible properties, not to mention the beaches, which receive a huge influx of vehicles annually. The big question will be: install the right number in the right places and of the right type.


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