Netflix’s Queen’s Gambit Game Promises More Than Just Chess


The announcing trailer for The Queen’s Gambit: Chess mobile game was unveiled during the Netflix Geeked Week 2022 event. The upcoming chess simulator is based on the Queen’s Gambit, a mini-series of historical drama starring Anya Taylor-Joy, which was released back in 2020. Previous Netflix games for the service’s mobile app were based on TV series and movies, such as Very strange cases and a Paper robbery, and now the Queen’s Gambit will get its own interactive sidebar.

In the adaptation of the mini-series of Walter Tevis’ novel of the same name, The Royal Gambit, the main character Beth Harmon is played by Anya Taylor-Joy. Born an orphan in Kentucky, Harmon is an accomplished chess prodigy who also suffers from an addiction to tranquilizers used at her orphanage. Able to imagine a chess board in her mind, Harmon gradually wins the most prestigious tournaments in the world and develops many complex relationships. After the release, the mini-series was met with critical acclaim largely thanks to the Taylor-Joy game, and soon the series will have a tie-in to video games comparable to last year’s Money Heist crossover with Free Fire.

At the Netflix Geeked Week 2022 event, The Queen’s Gambit: Chess mobile chess game was presented in a trailer posted on YouTube by Netflix. An exciting mobile game will allow players to try on the role of Beth Harmon and become part of the award-winning mini-series. The Queen’s Gambit: Chess game, designed for gamers of any level, will allow players to take chess with them wherever they go to take lessons, solve puzzles or compete in matches with friends. The game “Royal Gambit: Chess” with rivals taken directly from the show will allow everyone to experience Beth Harmon’s amazing path to fame.

While Netflix continues to expand its repertoire of games, fans are demanding a game based on one particular series. The Squid Game video game from Netflix seems like an obvious concept, and last year the streaming service said that such a project was being considered. In the South Korean drama series about survival, which received international recognition last year, low-income people participate in deadly children’s games for a huge monetary reward. A video game based on this premise has a lot of potential, but at the moment Netflix seems to be focusing not on Squid Game, but on other properties.

The Queen’s Gambit is an emotional and poignant mini–series with a dramatic narrative, an authentic setting of the time and a passionate depiction of the chess world. The leading role of Anya Taylor-Joy in the series is a highlight, and now gamers can try on the role of Beth Harmon with the help of an affordable mobile game. The Queen’s Gambit: Chess with many different modes will rivet any chess fan to the board, wherever he goes.