Netflix Xtremo Trailer: New Spanish Martial Arts Movie With Katanas


Netflix aims to boost Spanish action cinema with a new thriller that mixes frenetic action and a bloody tale of revenge. Xtremo is the premiere of Netflix Spain for the streaming platform, a new action film created in our country that bets on violence, katanas and yakuza through a bloody story of revenge. This is how Netflix itself has shared it, publishing a first trailer that you can see on these lines and that gives us an idea of ​​what awaits us on June 4, the premiere date on Netflix of this new thriller.

Premiere on Netflix on June 4

Thus, Xtremo tells us the story of the family revenge of a hit man against his own brother, all with the city of Barcelona as a backdrop; and it is that its director, Daniel Benmayor (Paintball, Tracers), has wanted to pay tribute to his hometown setting his new thriller in the streets of Barcelona, ​​betting on frantic action with fights, explosions and blood in the purest style of the Hollywood action movies of the genre.

The script is in charge of Iván Ledesma with a cast headed by Óscar Jaenada, Teo García and Óscar Casas along with other names such as Andrea Duro, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Alberto Jo Lee, Luis Zahera or Juan Diego, among other prominent names. We leave you with the brief official synopsis of him: “Two years after the murder of his son and his father, a retired hitman launches a meticulous plan of revenge against the murderer: that of his own brother. ”.

Xtremo premieres on Netflix on June 4, 2021.


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