Netflix will show new and popular content together


Netflix is ​​getting ready to feature more content in one place. The company announced that it will bring together some of its content in a new tab titled New & Popular. This episode will only be shown on Netflix’s apps on TV. Tests for the feature in question started in April.

This new tab will gather Netflix’s “New”, “Soon” and “Top 10” categories that appeared in February. There will also be a new category titled “Worth Waiting”. Subscribers of the service will be able to see a preview of the content they can watch in this category in the next 15 to 365 days.

It can be said that the Worth-Waiting section is particularly important for the service. In this way, users will have the opportunity to add the content they expect to their lists beforehand and create reminders for these contents.

Netflix has grown impressively over the past quarter and gained 10 million new subscribers. However, despite this performance, the company is also dealing with the user protection problem. The service, which experienced a loss of users for the first time last year, blamed the price increases. In this period, the emergence of new online content services and their bringing some classic content to the audience also affected Netflix. Therefore, it should not be surprising that Netflix makes such moves to keep the excitement of its subscribers.

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